Money Saving Tips for Slot Machines

Do you find yourself losing more and more money to the one-armed bandit? Well, it's probably because you approach slot machines with the wrong strategy. What, you say, strategies don't work with slots! Sure they do. You can't influence the spins in any way, but you can make your experience better or worse in other ways.

Here are our favorite money saving tips for slot machines.

Money Saving Tips - Find the loosest slots.

Loose slots are not to be found in airports or pubs. You won't find them on the Las Vegas Strip either. The loosest slot machines are online.

You may ask: why? Well, high-class casinos have lower-paying slots because they offer many other attractions to their clientele. Pubs which do not rely on slots for most of their revenue have no reason to loosen their machines. And finally, online slots are looser because online casinos have fewer expenses. So the casinos online are more generous.

Money Saving Tips - Test each slot machine before playing.

Once you have found the general place for loose slots, you have to find the specific machines themselves. Take several coins - say 8 to 12 coins - and begin testing each slot machine. Test several slots with 8-12 coins each. Play the slot that returns the most money to you, if any. If all slots are tight, do not play there.

Money Saving Tips - Play for smaller jackpots.

Here is a good rule of thumb: The bigger a slot machine jackpot is, the harder it is to hit. Come on! Why would the casinos make a huge jackpot as easy to hit as a small one? In the first place, how do you think the jackpot got that big? Because there were so many losing spins!

Don't be too ambitious. Aim for modest jackpots.

Money Saving Tips - Don't play mindlessly.

It's too easy to bet max and spin, bet max and spin, bet max andů That's what's going to eat your bankroll and it's what you should avoid.

Here's a money saving tip to avoid that: Create a betting pattern, any pattern such as 1-1-2-2-3-3-2-2-1-1. This is one series of bets. Prepare a dozen or so series of these bets. When you have lost more than half of the series, quit playing. This is only an example and you can use any series or system you prefer.

Money Saving Tip - Play slowly.

So many players bet and spin away as fast as they can, as if to make sure they can catch the jackpot. This is nonsense. Jackpots happen all the time and one moment is as likely as any other. If playing fast won't improve your chances and only cost you more money, why not play slowly? You should. Pause between spins, take a break and say a prayer or two before spinning! You'll be surprised how much you save.

Playing slot machines doesn't have to be expensive. We have shown here some money saving tips for you so you can enjoy slots better. Don't be a victim of the one-armed bandit! Play slots the smart way. And what smarter way than to play online with the loosest slots? Play online now!