Penny Slot Machines: A Penny for Your Spin

One game in the casino that makes people flock to its area is the slot machine. The ever so popular slot machine is a cheap and quick way to make money. Easy play is equal to easy money. That's how slot machine players think.

Modern slot machines have advanced features that were developed to further entice the player's fancies. Multi-line slots are the most common nowadays which offer options such as the dollar bill wager instead of coins only. Prizes have also been updated to cater the need for convenience of players, such as tickets that can be redeemed from the casino booths.

Pay lines were also updated. The earlier versions of slot machines normally have three pay lines. Nowadays multiple pay lines are quite common, some have 20 pay lines and some have even more. The down side of having more pay lines is more coins in order to activate each one of them. Mathematically, if a spin costs 50 cents and the machine has 20 pay lines, it would shell out $ 10 from a player per spin. This is quite costly for the average slots player, and only way to win a higher prize is to play with the maximum pay lines.

Casinos were able to pick up the dilemma that most players are having with multi-line slots, so they have developed the 1penny slot machines. These machines activate at 1 penny per spin and it made a huge splash. Many players have caught the idea of playing at almost no cost was not bad. But what is the difference between 1 penny slots between the 50 cents slots? Technically, the 1 penny slot machines are no different than the 50 cents slots in such a way that the spins require more coins per pay line, therefore in order to win the top prize one has to maximize his coins as well. A 1 penny play may sound cheaper, but the average number of spins almost cost the same.

The advantage of playing 1 penny slots actually depends on the objective of the player. For someone who just wants to spend time playing in a casino at an affordable cost, the 1 penny slot machine is a good choice. But for those who are trying to win the jackpot by beating the casino's house edge, it is advisable to look for other options.

1 penny slots offer jackpots that are much the same as playing in a $ 1 slots. Calculating on the amount of gambling money, there not much difference either between the two. It is just a matter of how a player perceives the kind of slot machine he is playing at. The concept is still the same no matter what.